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Support: Trade Show Exhibiting FAQ

How do I choose the trade shows at which I should exhibit?

Your marketing objectives, target market and budget will drive your decision. First, make a list of possible trade shows to attend. We recommend asking your clients which trade shows they attend. You can also search online using our trade show calendar to find more shows. It might be a good idea to attend a few shows to get a feel for the show before you commit to exhibiting. Once you have your list, then you’ll want to compare the cost, attendee demographics (industries, titles, etc.) and the exhibitors list to see what competitors attend. With this info in hand you can make an educated decision.

Do I really need to hire Union Labor at the Javits Center?

The Javits Center in New York City is a union facility. The rules state that if you can carry your exhibit materials into the facility in one trip and set it up in less than one hour you can do so yourself. That’s what the written rules state. The shop steward/floor manager on duty that day may try and require you to hire union labor even if your exhibit is a portable system. However, in any case you will still need to hire union electricians to plug in any electrical connections (lights, computers, etc).

Can I bring my own materials into the Javits Center?

If you can so do in one trip you can carry your own materials in. If you pull up to the curb on 11th avenue and try and make multiple trips unloading a volume of material you will be stopped and required to hire labor to deliver the materials to your exhibit space.

Can you help me with my exhibitor manual?

We certainly can. Genesis Exhibits offers support to complete the “show book” manual and coordinate any/all show logistics. This is a fee-based service that starts with a base price of $500 or $75/page, but varies on the size of the exhibit.

What is drayage?

Drayage is an internal fee to cover freight from the loading dock to your exhibit space. The charge is calculated by the dimensional (dim) weight (height x length x width and actual lbs.)

How can I set a realistic budget for my trade show?

Industry standards range from $800-$1500 per linear foot for portable/modular exhibits to $1500-$2500 for traditional custom fabrication. In addition you need to allow for many other costs. Show space, staff travel, promotion, etc. Contact us for a comprehensive budget worksheet.

Shipping Costs are killing me, how can I lower them?

The first step is to analyze what you’re shipping and send only what you truly need. Are you sending unnecessary collateral material and premiums? Can you reduce costs by using a lightweight exhibit structure? Can you ship ground versus overnight, and ship to the pre-show warehouse? These are a few of the major things that can reduce your costs.

I have an international show coming up, can you help?

The simple answer is “Yes.” Genesis Exhibits is your one-stop-shop for international exhibiting. Our global network of partner resources is prepared to support your program with local, trained and dedicated labor support staff. We can design locally and handle all your administrative, shipping and logistical needs with our Genesis Exhibits staff. We will coordinate with international offices on your behalf.