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Advance Order
An order for goods or services placed prior to availability or delivery of product.

Advance Rates
Rates offered for early payments for goods or services at a discounted rate.

Advance Receiving
Location where freight is received for storage prior to placement at show site.

Aisle Carpet
Carpeting covering the trade show area’s walkways.

The exhibit structure or panels at the rear of the trade show exhibit space.

Backwall Exhibit
An exhibit placed against a structure wall or another exhibit. Most popup exhibits fall into this trade show exhibit category.

Banner Stand
A light weight, portable display product that allows for the display of fabric or vinyl banners in a stand-alone application. Retractable banner stands store the banner within the base and work like a window shade.

Bill of Lading (B/L)
A detailed list of a shipment of goods between a shipper and a transportation company for a specified charge.

Booth Area
The space allocated to an exhibitor at the trade show site.

C.I.F. (Cost, Insurance, Freight)
A term used to show prices included in the cost of shipping.

The fee associated in transporting freight or moving exhibits.

Cubic Content
Cubic content is the measurement that allows displays, exhibit materials and products to occupy 100 percent of the purchased exhibit space, (up to the exhibitions height restriction). International exhibitions commonly allow for full use of cubic content, however US exhibition producers are divided on the idea of full cubic content usage.

Or hundred weight. The measurement used for shipping exhibits and displays. Typically 100 pounds.

D.T. Labor
Twice the established rate paid to workers for overtime hours.

DIM Weight
Formula established for shipping: Domestic shipments--length x width x height divided by 194; International shipments -- divided by 166.

Take-down of the exhibit at the conclusion of the show. Often associated with Installation and Dismantle or I&D.

The transport of show materials from shipping dock to show site and return to shipping dock.

End Cap
An exhibit with access to visitors on three sides.

Exhibitor Kit
Information provided by show managers containing all rules, regulations, available services, and forms relating to the exhibition.  Also called Trade Show Book.

Construction of trade show exhibits.

Fire Retardant
Term used to describe a finish which coats materials with a fire-resistant, but not fire proof, cover.

Floor Order
An order placed while exhibit installation is still in process.

Signage or other fabrication placed across the top of an exhibit.

I&D (Installation & Dismantle)
Setting up and taking down the exhibit.

Encroachment on floor space not leased by the exhibitor.

An exhibit that is arranged in a continuous line, sometimes referred to as a Linear Display.

Island Exhibit
A trade show exhibit having open access on all four sides is categorized as an Island Exhibit.

Workers or craftspeople contracted to perform services.

Lead Tracking
A system used by sales associates to follow-up on leads which resulted from the trade show exhibit.

Lead Management Form
A trade show management tool created to allow booth staff to easily note essential information during prospect interaction. Click this link for a sample trade show lead management form.

LTL (Less Than Truckload)  
The charge incurred for shipments weighing less than the capacity of a truckload.

Modular Exhibit
A trade show exhibit constructed with prefabricated components which can be assembled in various arrangements is categorized as a Modular Exhibit.

The date on which exhibits are to be installed.

The date on which the exhibits are to be dismantled.

O.T. Labor (Overtime Labor)
Labor performed at the overtime rate.  

Work performed beyond normal working hours and paid at a higher rate.

Panel System
Prefabricated panels designed to be assembled at the trade show.

Perimeter Booth

A booth placement along an outside wall of a trade show venue.

Return Panels
Panels forming the side walls of the exhibit.

S.T. Labor (Straight Time Labor)
Work performed at the standard rate.

Scissors Lift
A motorized vertical lift to aid in construction.

Time & Materials

Billing based on hours worked and materials purchased.

Trade Show Labor
The professionals hired to handle trade show site preparation, display installation and dismantling.

Trade Show Marketing
ALL activities involved in the transfer of goods or services from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer through trade shows, conferences or other promotional events.

Structure hung above an exhibit from which lighting equipment can be attached.

Union Steward
A union representative on the work site to oversee the facility work area and to resolve any disputes within union jurisdiction.

A protective plastic sheeting placed over the exhibit carpeting until the show opens. It allows exhibitors to easily slide their components into place.

A pier charge for handling cargo.